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To access to the electronics office of Cehegín County Council you need to have installed a reading card, the electronic ID card and to know the pin of your electronic ID card.

The electronic ID card has a cryptographic chip built-in where are saved two certificates:

  • An electronic certificate to authenticate the citizen´s personality (CertAutentication).
  • An electronic certificate to sign electronically with the same legal validity as the handwritten signature (CertFirma).

The reading card installation depends on the manufacturer, operating system, and on the browser you work with. At the bottom of this document you can find some guides that can help you to install the reading. In any case, the best you can do is to consult the manual or the manufacturer Web page of the reading to install correctly if you have not installed yet.

If you want more information about the electronic ID card, you can access to the official electronic ID card website.

How to check if the electronic ID card works

Before you get into the electronics office, we recommend you to check that you have your certificates active on the following link>>

If it does not work, it may be caused for some reasons:

1) You do not have the reading electronic ID card correctly installed.
2) You do not write the correct pin or you have the pin blocked.
3) You have the certificates expired (they expire thirty months alter you apply for the electronic ID card).

If your reading card and your electronic ID card do not pass this test, you can not use it in the electronics office of Cehegín County Council.

To renew the pin or certificate:

If you don not know your pin or your certificates are not activated you have to go to a national police station. At the national police station you will find some machines that can activate or renew the certificates. To activate the certificates or to change your ID card pin, it is no necessary to have a previous appointment, you introduce your electronic ID card into the machine and put the finger on the fingerprint detector and that is all.

The certificates are valid for thirty months, it can be renew thirty days before its expiry date.

How to do proceedings in the electronics office

To access to the electronics office effectively, you have to be correctly identified through the electronic ID card as we recommended before.

At the electronics office entrance, you can access by several ways:

Important: Before you access to the electronics office, you must be sure that you have connected the reading card and you have entered the electronic ID card.

If when you access to the electronics office you read this error message on the screen “The user certificate is not valid”, you will close all the windows of the browser and you will enter again with the reading card and electronic ID card previously connected to be your electronic ID card recognized by the browser.

Check the validity of your documents

When you have finished filling out the proceedings application form and you have completed the signature process, you have the possibility to download the sending proof of the request. With this proof you can check the validity of your signature on the validation of documents tool.

On this tool you have to enter the check code that it is at the bottom of the document that you want to validate. Then, if the code is correct it will appear the original document, which should be the same as the proof downloaded at the end of the signature application process.

Contact or incidences:

For more information, questions or incidences please contact to the Medium Department at the ICT Reference Centre:

  • Telephone number: 968 00 20 60
  • Email address: info (at)

Do not doubt to send us any problem or incidence that you detect when you use this portal.

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