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Cehegín County Council in honour of the achievement of a closer Administration, open and guided to satisfy users needs, it has advance more and offers several proceedings that you can make by  telematics way (by Internet) without any physical move to the municipal outbuildings.

These proceedings allow you to request, to make the monitoring and to add any document to your files from your residence, saving time and money.

For doing it, this platform has been created, it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, except for technical reasons when there is not operational capacity. In this case, we will inform you with the maximum time in advance, making easier the alternative communication means.

Gradually it will be publishing in this platform, each of the City Hall/Plenary Session decisions that they expressly guarantee the new procedures endorsement, formalities, requests, documents and communications (edicts, proclamations, etc) that are capable of electronic proceedings, as well as the programs and applications that introduce the electronic means use, computing and electronic to the administrative proceedings (showing the significance, content and running of each of them).

So and to be able to do these managements safely through telematics means, it is necessary that you are accredited.

In this regard, Cehegín County Council admits all the legal tools that are appropriate to guarantee the identity, authenticity and integrity of the electronic documents and they are compatible with the technical means that the municipal Administration has.

Currently, this authentication can be made free of charge through an electronic ID card.

We wish you that our Administration comes more accessible, effective and transparent.


To get technical help about how to use the portal, you can consult this help Web page >>

Attention, remember!

1) It is necessary to connect the readings card and to insert your electronic ID card before you enter to the Electronics Office.
2) When you click on “Enter”, the application will ask you the electronic ID card pin.
3) The electronic ID card contains two certificates: you have to choose CertAutentication.


Click on the following icon to enter to the Electronics Office:


The electronic ID card incorporates inside itself two different certificates.

1) An electronic certificate to autentícate the citizen personality (CertAutentication).

2) An electronic certificate to sign electronically, with the same juridical validity as the handwritten signature (Cert Signature).

Usually, in this Cehegín County Council Web page and in others, to access them you have to use “Cert Autentication”, because it is authorizing your identity, to demonstrate that “you are you”.
When it is required a signature of any document, the applications usually use the signature one.

A window example where we will be asked to choose one of the two certificates: we choose the second one: “Cert Autentication”.

Debemos elegir el segundo: "CertAutenticacion". Ventana donde el navegador solicita que seleccionemos uno de los dos certificados que lleva el dnie.

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