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This section has the purpose of disseminating by the Internet the information about the activity of the hiring bodies of Cehegín County Council, assuring transparency and public access to the information relating to its contractual activity, according to the article 42 of the law 30/2007 October 30th about Public Hiring.

There are included in it, all the procedures that according to the hiring or municipal regulations require publicity procedure or previous information announcement.

Likewise, it incorporates all the data and information about public hiring to make fluent and clear the relations between hiring bodies and economic operators.

It contains information about the development of each legal tender, its interesting documentation and the final results of them.

In addition, it allows to consult hiring that are planned for the next months, awarded contracts and the state they are (either provisional or definitive) and general information about hiring area and the public service hiring law.

The computer system that supports this buyer profile has an application that allows to confirm reliably the beginning of the public dissemination about the information that is included in it.

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