Sin categoría|, is a domain on the Internet through it, Cehegín County Council as holder of it, is ready to any user the general interesting information of the city, especially servicies and managements of the municipal organization.

To access to this website involve the knowledge and acceptance of the terms and general conditions that are established in this legal notice.

We recommend you to read carefully the following questions:The access to the provided information is free of charge and gratuitous except for the interface cost of the telecommunications network that is provided by the access operator which is hired by users.

Cehegín County Council is the holder of the copyright rights of the contents that are in this website (They are included the texts, photographs, graphics, pictures, icons, software, links, graphic design, source code and any other material), therefore, all the rights are confidential. It is approved the total or partial reproduction of them, with previous specific permission.

The provided information on the website is according to the current regulations at the moment of its publication. However, Cehegín County Council keeps in reserve the right to make changes without prior warning, with the aim to update, to correct, to change, to add or to delete its contents or design.

On the other hand, user has the exclusive responsibility for doing a right use of this corporate website in accordance with the law.

Any undue or unauthorized use, as well as the damages that it could cause as a result of the failure of that obligation, it will bring out the appropriated legal actions and in that case the responsibilities that result from this exercise.

In this regard, Cehegín County Council does not take responsibility for the contents that are accessible by means of other connections or links to third websites that are interesting for users.

In this way, the County Council can not fully guarantee the running of the communications network, and therefore it does not take on any responsibility about its network server availability. In any case, we will make all the efforts for the minimum job maintenance impact.

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