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Cehegín County Council works to satisfy our citizens. Because of this, we have acquired the compromise to guarantee the Web access and its contents enforcing the law about Information Society and Electronic Trade Services, for the Public Administrations Webs.

We know that each user surf differently the Net. So, our main idea is to do the corporate web more accessible regardless of the kind of hardware, software, the Net infrastructure, language, culture, geographical location, and/or physical limitations of each user.

In this regard, we have designed this Web page considering the enterprise accessibility Web recommendations (EAW), which is developed by W3C and its accessibility content guidelines in 1.0 version with the aim to be visited and used by the largest number of people.

It is achieved in this Web page construction, at least the level “AA” according to the (EAW) standards.

We have taken some measures to do it: They are the following:

  • Consistency in the navigation and use of an appropiate language.
  • The size of source and other elements use relative measures to extend or reduce its size with the browser options.
  • The non textual elements (pictures and multimedia) include a textual description that it can be read by a voice synthesizer…
  • There are some navigational aids as the breadcrumbs or crumbs that are used so that the user does not get lost, they show you where you are and the hierarchical connection of that node with the rest of the website structure.
  • When you do functions by means of SCRIPT programming, we provide an alternative that it is not based on SCRIPT for browsers that can not stand or have disabled this function.
  • Appropiate configuration of data tables.
  • Creation and design of accessible forms.

Also, we have the intention of making this website a place that achieves use rules. It is understood as a quality attribute that measures how easy is to use the web interfaces, trying to be attractive, understandable, innovative and comprehensible.

Nevertheless and in spite of the design that has been made to be compatible with the greatest number of browsers that is possible and in different platforms, the improvement of the contents accessibility of must be a continuous process so that we would like to have your opinion. Therefore, if you have any question or suggestion, you can contact with us on the following e-mail address:

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