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In person

Filling out the application form and appending the necessary documentation.

General registry of Cehegín County Council.
At 5 López Chicheri Street.
Telephone number: 968- 74 04 00
Public opening hours: from 9 to 14 hours.

At the established organizations in the 38.4 article of the En las entidades establecidas en el artículo 38.4 de la law 30/1992, on November 26th about Juridical Regime of the Public Administrations and of the Common Administrative Proceedings.


*This option allows you to print an empty model application form that you can complete and present at the places indicated before.

You take into account that the document is a pdf format therefore it is necessary that you have the Acrobat Reader program to read it.



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It is necessary to renew the licence yearly?

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